Muriel Leung

The Best American Poetry 2019 - Contributor Copies

Contributor copies of The Best American Poetry 2019 arrived earlier this week and I’ve finally taken some pics!

Here’s an excerpt of my poem in the anthology, “I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party”—and then (click through to see!) my copies, including the hardcover (!!) edition; my contributor note + commentary on how this poem came to be (shoutout to Muriel Leung) (yes, I’m between Victoria Chang and Leonard Cohen—yes, I’m ecstatic 💛); and the back cover, featuring the names of all the contributors (what company! what poets!).

The Best American Poetry 2019

‪So I think I can share this news now? I’m ecstatic that my poem, “I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party” has been selected by Major Jackson for The Best American Poetry 2019. Thanks to Major Jackson and series editor David Lehman. Thanks to Tracy K. Smith, who first chose this one for Poem-a-Day. And thanks to Muriel Leung, whose care and conversation sparked the writing. ❤️🎉

I’m not supposed to post any screenshots or links to the poem, but I think you have enough info to google it (or find it on this site!), if you so desire. I think this one’s also been one of my most shared poems online, which has been really moving to see, as this is a deeply personal piece about coming out and coming out again and again and again and. I’m glad the poem is reaching people who need it, and living a full life.