You MUST Use the Word Smoothie


Sundress Publications, as part of the inaugural Craft Chaps series

“Craft Chaps aim to democratize creative writing education through making this material accessible for use both inside and outside the academy. We also recognize that ‘craft’ is not a neutral term, and seek to contextualize it within a range of aesthetic and cultural contexts. Through offering chaps from different perspectives and literary communities, we encourage students to resist ‘universal,’ often cis, white, male notions of ‘good’ literature.”


Kissing the Sphinx


Finalist for Two of Cups Chapbook Contest

“There is so much love in these poems it seems Eros is nibbling at the ear of Chen Chen, and through him, at ours. Listen―yes, listen!―closely to this sensuous, tender and bold new voice in American poetry whisper his secrets of longing, erotic possibilities, allegiances, and invite us ‘to the apocalypse…should there happen to be one.’ I will join him, certainly.” —Curtis Bauer

“Chen Chen's Kissing the Sphinx is an utterly remarkable collection. There is always verve in his voice. His lyrical pulse is constantly intimate and frank. I listen very closely. These poems are riveting.“ —Michael Burkard


Set the Garden on Fire


Porkbelly Press 

“Chen Chen has made his poems partly out of anger and partly out of wonder. The wonder comes from the celebration of the beloved and expanding notions of desire. Chen has the intellectual discernment to identify the disparities and rifts and indignities in citizenship and identity.” —Bruce Smith