[Writers & Books, Rochester by Kyle Semmel]

[Writers & Books, Rochester by Kyle Semmel]

My job is to trick adults

into knowing they have


My job is to trick

myself into believing
there are new ways
to find impossible honey.

—from “Spell to Find Family”

For Example

Brooklyn Poets - poem + interview

From the Fishouse - poems + interview

Nat. Brut - lyric essay/prose poetry/??

Poetry Foundation / Poetry Magazine - poems

Poets.org / Poem-a-Day - poems

Poetry Society of America / In Their Own Words - poem + statement

Verse Daily - poems

West Branch - statement + poems

Winter Tangerine - poems + statement


Foglifter - "four short essays personifying a future in which white supremacy has ended," "A Queer Translates the Night Sky," "Summer"

West Branch / “Welcome to the River”: Queerness and Lineage Special Feature - “The School of Logic,” “The School of Joy / Letter to Michelle Lin” (+ statement)

Pulse/Pulso: In Remembrance of Orlando anthology - “Things the Crows Bring”

Sixth Finch - "The School of Dreams" 

The Texas Review - Two erasures

Oxford Poetry - "Origin Story" 

Brooklyn Poets - "Sorrow Song with Optimus Prime" (reprint + interview)

The McNeese Review - "Anti-Elegy: A How-To," “The School of Australia,” a selection from "A Small Book of Questions" 

Come As You Are: an anthology of writing on 90s pop culture“Ode to the Parallelogram”

A View From Under the Hedge - “INFP Ghost” (collaboration with Sam Herschel Wein)

Queer Poets in Greek “Αυτοπροσωπογραφία ως Τόσες Πολλές Δυνατότητες” (translation by Yannis Sarigiannidis of “Self-Portrait as So Much Potential”)  

21h01 - "Poème en bouchées bruyantes" (translation of "Poem in Noisy Mouthfuls" by Nicolás Rodríguez Galvis) 

Ace Hotel Poet of the Month - "I'm not a religious person but" (reprint)

Winter Tangerine: Lineage of Mirrors - "The School of Song," "Elegy While Listening to a Song I Can't Help But Start to Move to," “One Year Later: a Letter,” "Summer" (+ statement)

Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology - "Set the Garden on Fire" (reprint)

Nepantla: Queer Poets of Color Anthology - "Quantitative Reasoning" (reprint)

Poem-a-Day - "I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party"

City Newspaper (Rochester) - "Study Abroad"

Bettering American Poetry - "A Favorite Room" (reprint)

Tin House - "Winter," "The School of Night & Hyphens" (second poem reprinted by Poets.org for Poem-a-Day)


The Lifted Brow “The School of Morning & Letters” and “Summer”

textonly.ru “Профессор славистики,” “К гуанако в сиракьюзском зоопарке,” “Элегия к моей печали,” “На самом деле…” and “В городе” (translations by Kirill Cherbitski of “The Professor of Russian Studies,” “To the Guanacos at the Syracuse Zoo,” “Elegy for My Sadness,” “I am reminded via email to resubmit my preferences for the schedule,” and “In the City”) 

Ping Pong “Poema en ruidosos bocados,” “Cuando sea grande quiero ser una lista de otras posibilidades,” “Autorretrato con mucho potencial,” and “Calle Álamo” (translations by Giselle Rodríguez Cid of “Poem in Noisy Mouthfuls,” “When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities,” Self-Portrait as So Much Potential,“ and “Poplar Street”) 

The Best American Nonrequired Reading “I am reminded via email to resubmit my preferences for the schedule” (reprint)

BOA’s Poem of the Week - “If I should die tomorrow, please note that I will miss the particular” (reprint) 

INTO - “Camaraderie,” “Irreducible Sociality,” and “I’m not a religious person but" (reprints)

The Journal - “Doctor’s Note” and “The School of Red” 

City of Notions: An Anthology of Contemporary Boston Poems -“Blockbuster” and “The School of Fury” (reprints) 

Asian American Poets issue of Poetry - “Winter” 

COG “Lost Hat,” “Quick Abecedarian of Influences on My Writing,” “duck duck goose,” “At Matt’s Thing Saturday Night,” and “TGIF”

Poets.org: Poems on Identity for Teachers - “When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities” (reprint)

Anomaly Literary Journal - “elvis parsley” and “Rerun” (pp. 16-17)  

APA issue of Poemeleon - “The Chateau” and “Far Corner” 

Queer/Trans/Asian folio of Nat. Brut - selections from “A Small Book of Questions” 

Featured Poet at Mud Season Review “Circle ‘C’ If You Just Don’t Know,” “First Love,” “The School of Sharpening,” “How will you live now?” and “Friendship”

The Blueshift Journal/Speakeasy Project Session One Anthology - “Asian American Poem Tired of White People’s Excuses” + 3 erasures 

Poem-a-Day “First Light"

The New York Times Magazine “Self-Portrait as So Much Potential”

No Assholes “You come back,” “No Manifesto But the Pencil’s,“ and “Self-Portrait as an Overactive Lemon”

The Mondegreen “[song]” and “I’m in New York & I guess the Pope is, too”


IDK Magazine - “For Better or Worcester,” “Poème à la gloire des étincelles,” and “November Horoscope”

The Account “how many coats does it take” and “The School of More School”

Asian Anglophone/APIA Issue of Dusie - “Maybe love is a tandem bike marathon up in the Adirondacks,” “Volleyball,” and “will they / won’t they / will i” (pp. 38-40) 

The Shade Journal “Quantitative Reasoning”

Window Cat Press “The Professor of Russian Studies,” “memoir,” and “A Gift”

Phantom “invite the blue” and “memoir of the present moment”

Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment “The Psychic Speaks to the Nonbeliever”

Buzzfeed “Ode to Rereading Rimbaud in Lubbock, Texas”

Poem-a-Day “I am reminded via email to resubmit my preferences for the schedule” 

Southern Indiana Review “The Cuckoo Cry” 

The Infoxicated Corner Spotlight Series at TheThe Poetry “The Sinister Barista Meets the Loch Ness Professor,” “For I Will Consider My Boyfriend Jeffrey,” “Interrogation at the Hands of Rita Repulsa,” and “Playing in the Square”

Indiana Review “In the City” and “Poem”

The Adroit Journal “Song of the Night’s Gift” and “Nature Poem” 

Gulf Coast “Self-Portrait as So Much Potential” and “Summer” 

The Normal School “Sitcom” and “We’ll Be Gone After These Brief Messages”

The Poetry Review (UK) - “I’m not a religious person but” (reprint)

Bear Review “In the Hospital” (p. 35) 

Political Punch: Contemporary Poems on the Politics of Race “Chen [No Middle Name] Chen,” “First Light,” “Kafka’s Axe & Michael’s Vest,” and “Poplar Street” (other than the first poem, reprints) 

Raleigh Review “Higher Education”

PBS NewsHour “How I Became Sagacious” (reprint)

burntdistrict “Blockbuster” 

Wildness - “A Favorite Room” at Wildness


Best of the Net Anthology “Write a Letter to Your Mother About Your Longest Winter” (reprint)

Leopardskin & Limes “The Sea is a Secret Net for the Bogeyman’s Feelings” 

The Massachusetts Review - “Second Thoughts on a Winter Afternoon”

Fjords Review “When I Grow Up I Want To Be a List of Further Possibilities”

The Best American Poetry “for i will do/undo what was done/undone to me”

ATTN: July 31 2015 - Erasures [1] & [2] 

Construction Magazine - “Sorrow Song with Optimus Prime” 

Open Sesame Whatever “Tuesday Ghazal,” “& then,” and “A Joke”

Narrative Northeast “Kafka’s Axe & Michael’s Vest” and “Things Stuck in Other Things Where They Don’t Belong”

jmww “Big Mug,” “I Dream on a Crowded Subway Train with My Eyes Open But My Body Swaying,” “Talking to God About Heaven from the Bed of a Heathen,” “After Another Conversation with My Parents In Which I Refer to Him as My Roommate,” “Didier et Zizou,” and “I Say Good Morning”

Drunken Boat “How I Became Sagacious” and “In This Economy”

HEArt “The School of Fury”

Ostrich Review - “Sleeping in the Last of Summer” and “Race to the Tree”

The Margins “Chapter VIII” and “The Cat Who Wore Corn Pants”

Crab Orchard Review “In Search of the Least Abandoned Constellation”

Poetry “I’m not a religious person but” and “Poplar Street”

The Pinch “Elegy to Be Exhaled at Dusk”

Print-Oriented Bastards - “Poem in Noisy Mouthfuls” and “Sonnet for Two Birthdays” 

Red Paint Hill “Paradise”

Chelsea Station “Little Rooms”

Maps for Teeth “Citizenship”“Nǐ kǒu kě ma?”“To the Common Tongue”“Write a Letter to Your Mother About Your Longest Winter”“Family”, and “Lullaby” 

Stone Canoe “The Classmate”

Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts - “First Light”

Bat City Review - “Frog-Hopping Gravestones” and “Gesundheit!” (print only)

Encore Magazine (CA) - “Tale of the Knife & the Heart”

HEArt “Write a Letter to the Class About Your Summer Vacation” and “Eat”

Breakwater Review “Song of the Anti-Sisyphus” and “Elegy for My Sadness”  

Narrative “Self-Portrait With & Without”

The Screaming Sheep “Ode to My Envy”

Fogged Clarity “They were selling phoenixes”“Elegy”, and “West of Schenectady”

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal “Self Portrait as Man Stuck Inside Karaoke Video”

Twelfth House - “To the Guanacos at the Syracuse Zoo” and “If I Should Die Tomorrow, Please Know That These Are the Sounds I Will Miss Most From This Good & Outrageous Earth”


Codex Journal “Church on a Wednesday” and “Irreducible Sociality”

Gabby “Camaraderie”

Dusie “Little Song” and “vulpes vulpes”

Perception Magazine “Ode to the Hexagon”“Confession”, and “my soul, you’re shit at everything”

New Delta Review “Antarctica” 

DIAGRAM “Please take off your shoes before entering    do not disturb” and “Both Nuclear & Extended"

Foothill: A Journal of Poetry “Tightrope Walker” (p. 17)

Tupelo Quarterly “Song with a Lyric from Allen Ginsberg”

PANK: Queer Issue “Jerking Off to Koh Masaki”, “Necking”, “You should let yourself be more Asian, it’s cute”, “Summer Was Forever”, and “You    barking starship”

The Journal of Applied Poetics “Second Steeping” (also here

Split This Rock Poem of the Week “Set the Garden on Fire”

Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color “Spell to Find Family”

Mobius: The Journal of Social Change “Halloween”

Chelsea Station “Tell Me a Story of Deep Delight”

Word Riot “Three Dreams for the Price of One”

PANK “for i will do/undo what was done/undone to me” and “poem,/love,”

Birdfeast “Long Johns”

Anti “The Purpose of the Post-It” (journal no longer exists; can also read this poem here)

NightBlock “Postcard” and “Blue Sweaters”

Potluck Magazine “Jesus Year” and “Dancing Badly”

Ghost Proposal “My Secret” and “You show up”

CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art & Action - “As the Snow Falls” 

Driftwood Press “Ghazal to be Tattooed on Our Galaxy’s Arm” and “The Tease” (p. 36) 

Pif Magazine “Aubade, on the Way to the Airport” and “History” 

Connotation Press “Kissing the Sphinx” and “Traveler”


Verbal Seduction - “Medicine Ball”, “Lights”, “Pie People”, and “ ‘And then you take the potato out of the bag. Where is the potato now?’ ” (pp. 83-89, print only)